Harvey Milk program


Harvey Milk program is an inter-parliamentary program based on QUA –Association of LGBTQ Ukrainians in the USA in close cooperation with diplomats, members of Congress offices and activists on both sides of the ocean.  

The program is designed to build inter-parliamentary ties among progressive and liberal members of Ukrainian Parliament and US Congress with a view to developing human rights legislation, combating discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, lobbying for legislation to achieve equal rights for the LGBTQ community and combating hate crimes.    

We believe that through the development, coordination and exchange of existing human rights practices between the elected members of Ukrainian Parliament,  their offices and representatives of Congress, Ukrainian society will be able to achieve equality of rights and freedoms for the Ukrainian LGBTQ community, and owing to significant progress, Ukraine will become one of the leading Western democracies and role model for the post-Soviet countries becoming human rights hub in Eastern Europe.    

Program tasks

We set the task to focus our activities in two areas:

  1. Promote the creation of an effective model for the prevention of hate crimes, engaging the LGBTQ community and other vulnerable groups, namely women, people with disabilities, different races, etc.
  2. Support the adoption of the law on civil partnerships, which opens the possibility for same-sex couples to officially register their marriages in Ukraine. 

Our initiative will achieve the objectives and accomplish the mission through the following activities:

  • Organizing events in close cooperation with Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus, Parents Initiative TERGO (Ukraine).
  • Preparing analytical materials for interested members of Ukrainian Parliament and representatives of US Congress.
  • Initiating and organizing panel discussions with representatives of the parliament and government of Ukraine on the basis of progressive US universities.
  • Assisting in establishing relations between members of Ukrainian Parliament and the US Congress, as well as establishing communication between the offices of the respective deputies.
  • Preparing recommendations for the Department of State on the participation of liberal deputies and their offices in training programs conducted as part of the activities of the US government (e.g. Open world).
  • Increasing the presence of the LGBTQ community representatives in public spheres in Ukraine and the USA.

Benefits of joining Harvey Milk program for members of Ukrainian Parliament and their offices 

  • Getting your political work highlighted and making contribution to the development of international democratic and liberal human rights movement. 
  • Joining the Liberal Politicians Club and building international political ties, including through the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus of the US Congress (comprising 75 current members of the House of Representatives and the US Senate) and LGBT Intergroup the EU Parliament (comprising 153 members from 24 European countries).
  • Getting access to international educational resources, raising the profile of the Ukrainian Parliament and promoting Ukrainian interests in international politics through participation in the democratic movement of the US and the EU.
  • Promoting Ukraine in the international arena as a democratic and liberal country.

To participate please follow the link


Benefits of working with the Harvey Milk program for representatives of the US Congress:

  • Developing inter-parliamentary relations with Ukrainian parliamentarians. 
  • Contributing to the development of the international sphere of human rights and the promotion of democracy in Eastern Europe.
  • Improving the effectiveness of American training programs in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. 

To participate please leave your contact information following this link.


Key partners of QUA helping to implement our program:

  • Parents Initiative TERGO
  • Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus


Our contacts:

You can contact us by writing to our email and to our program coordinator, Bogdan Globa (Washington D.C.)

Recent Harvey Milk events:

Панельна дискусія в Конгресі США, організованої QUA та кокусом за рівність ЛГБТК Конгресу США та за участі представниць батьківського руху України "ТЕРГО" та модерації Freedom House.  Максим Нефьодов та Андрес Ослунд під час дискусії про економічну ситуацію та вплив економіки на права людини в Україні. Панельна дискусія в Університеті Джорштаун (Вашингтон Д.С.) про вплив внутрішньополітичної ситуації США на ситуацію з правами ЛГБТК в Україні,  за участі президинта QUA - Богдана Глоби, голови правління ГО "ТЕРГО" - Олени Глоби.