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Diversity is being invited to the party, inclusion is being invited to dance

#womensmarch, #metoo, #blacklivesmatter - in recent years, social flash mobs have become large and widespread. They are aimed at combating discrimination, violence, and promoting equal rights and freedoms with a particular focus on race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, place of residence, or favorite pastime. These human rights movements give us all the opportunity to rethink our habits, attitudes, and values.

We have to realize that our world is wonderfully diverse. After all, thanks to the synergy of different people, approaches, and ideas, we get to realize something outstanding and beautiful. And you can start doing it today in the workplace.

Encouraging businesses to create inclusive and friendly work environments helps to build a democratic society and creative workspaces where everyone can realize their abilities, talents, and ideas with the support and assistance of colleagues. – is an American-Ukrainian startup founded on the intersection of the human rights movement and ESG business practices, and designed to create an ecosystem of inclusive business in Eastern Europe. This project allows for the full automation of diversity and inclusion (D&I) policy implementation by providing real tools for creating a powerful and effective working environment that is friendly to all.

D&I is not a section on a website or a stack of papers accumulating dust in an HR manager’s desk drawer. It is a set of successful business practices and innovative tools that constantly help your team improve, nurture creativity and increase productivity.

Our work involves:

training and education – we explain the concept of inclusive business and D&І policy;

algorithms – we offer a ready-made algorithm for implementing D&I policies at the HR level;

training-program – a unique online training course for HR and D&I policy teams;

networking – educational materials, successful business cases, and scientific studies on D&I policies gathered in one place (;

HR certification - after successfully completing the D&I course, HR specialists will receive special certificates;

distinctions – companies that successfully implement diversity and inclusion policies will be included in the special register of inclusive businesses and will receive a special “D&I” badge. helps business owners:

become innovative: if you start implementing inclusive practices, you can become one of the unique companies in your niche and be innovators, which will help you both make your brand more visible and form a talented team;

form productive team;

attract talents and the best employees;

establish networking: inclusive companies will have a competitive advantage in the American and European markets, and belonging to the club of inclusive companies provides opportunities for close networking;

improve company’s performance - recent survey of 20,000 businesses in 91 countries suggests that the presence of women in corporate leadership positions improves financial performance and profitability of the companies. helps HR-specialists:

become more valuable employees – unique skills add weight;

get unique experience which opens the door to the largest innovative companies;

develop working contacts with the best innovative companies from different sectors. helps employees:

build camaraderie within teams;

increase the creativity and performance of their team.

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