Aid Network for LGBTQ Ukrainian refugees

February 26, 2022

Russia's war has displaced millions in Ukraine. LGBTQ+ people are particularly vulnerable in times of displacement, and need safe and affirming shelter and community support.

QUA is connecting a network of LGBTQ+ folks and allies in the Unites States who are willing to provide support to LGBTQ+ refugees. Food, housing, translation services, pro bono legal support—we are looking to ready any and all assistance to this at-risk community. We have set up the following forms for those who need assistance or want to get involved:

Click here to provide aid to LGBTQ+ Ukrainian refugees in the US

Click here to request aid

We are also collecting donations to support the LGBTQ Ukrainian community and our advocacy

We seek to assist Ukrainian LGBTQ + individuals living in the US and Canada to integrate, adapt, and productively contribute to American society.