June 9, 2020

QUA – LGBTQ Ukrainians in America are officially registered like a NGO

Today we are happy to announce our team has finished all the steps to found and register QUA - LGBTQ Ukrainians in America officially as an American 501(c)(3) non-government organization and based in Washington District of Columbia, U.S. This day began a history when the group of Ukrainians living in the U.S. and Americans with Ukrainian roots started the civil rights organization working as a bridge between Ukrainian LGBTQ and American society in the U.S.

The Board of Directors includes Bogdan Globa, Dmytro Berezenko, Alex Burlakov, Sergiy Sibel, Dmytro Orlovsky, and Yana Slesarchuk. The founder and Ukrainian LGBTQ activist Bogdan Globa will serve as president for the next four years.

Mission Statement

QUA - LGBTQ UKRAINIANS IN AMERICA will foster cultural exchange between American and Ukrainian LGBTQ communities. It will cooperate with both American and Ukrainian cultural and human rights institutions to promote democratic values both in the USA and Ukraine.

The main goal of this organization is to provide newly arrived Ukrainian LGBTQ individuals and families with help, protection, and facilitate their adaptation integrating into American society.

Bogdan Globa - President QUA

Bogdan Globa is a human rights and LGBTQ activist, leader, and co-founder of QUA - LGBTQ Ukrainians in America, the first openly gay person to address the Ukrainian Parliament and to be ranked in the "TOP 30 Under 30 Ukrainians" in 2016. He has been living in the USA since November 2016 and working on LGBTQ human rights issues internationally. He initiated the first official Ukrainian group in the World Pride in New York in 2019 and several other human rights events on Capitol Hill.

Before working in the public sector, Bogdan Globa was CEO in the large Ukrainian LGBTQ NGO, and from 2015 until 2016 served as an assistant to Mr. Grigoriy Nemira, Head of Human Rights committee in Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

In 2012 Bogdan finished the State Department leadership program "LGBT advocacy in the U.S." and, after that, successfully realized several significant initiatives, including founding LGBTQ parents movement TERGO, Corporate Equality Index, Friendly Doctor (HIV/AIDS friendly service for LGBTQ in Ukraine).

Since 2016 Bogdan has been actively working on anti-LGBTQ Russian propaganda issues. In March 2019, the Georgetown Public Policy Review published his Op-ed How Russia exports homophobia into Ukraine.

He is an M.A. graduate of the University of Economics and Trade in Poltava and Kyiv-Mohyla Business School (MBA).

QUA future

"We are extremely optimistic; we have a small but active and creative team who intensively works for Ukrainian LGBTQ community needs and builds a cultural bridge between LGBTQ Ukrainian and American. Our team is American dreamers, and we believe Ukrainian has a lot of unique civil rights experiences that can be helpful in the U.S. LGBTQ Ukrainians should be a great brick for diverse American society", Bogdan Globa said.

Support QUA.

We are welcoming new board members with an active role in QUA, and people who want to just follow us and support in any other way. If you want to be part of the organization, please leave your information by this link.

Also, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

We seek to assist Ukrainian LGBTQ + individuals living in the US and Canada to integrate, adapt, and productively contribute to American society.